Biking Tip For Beginners – Approaching a Hill



Stu Steinman became certified in sports medicine in 1995 and became recertified in 2004 and 2013. As an attending physician at WestSports Medicine in Norwalk, Connecticut, Stu Steinman treats chronic and acute musculoskeletal injuries. While away from work-related duties, he enjoys biking.

Following some basic biking tips can allow you to become a better biker, especially as a beginner. One tip is to anticipate hills. As you approach a hill, it’s best to get yourself ready to shift down your gears right at the start of the hill. This approach helps you avoid experiencing a difficult gear while you are halfway up the hill, making it impossible to pedal.

If you happen to be in a difficult gear, making it difficult to pedal while on a climb, try riding sideways across the slope before changing the gear. If the chain is under excess pressure, you won’t be able to shift correctly. To switch to an easier gear, riding on a flatter surface temporarily will assist with relieving any pressure.