Disc Regenerative Therapy – A Direct Approach to Painful Discs

Disc regenerative therapy
Disc regenerative therapy


Dr. Stu Steinman earned his medical degree from HSC Suny Stony Brook School of Medicine. As attending physician at Westports Medicine in Norwalk, Connecticut, Dr. Stu Steinman treats and acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries. One area of professional interest of his is regenerative therapy.

Disc regenerative therapy is a breakthrough procedure that works by triggering the natural healing mechanisms in the body to relieve pain; in some cases, this therapy even cures the cause of the disease. Development of degenerative disc disease occurs over time when the discs in the middle of the spine’s vertebrae become more susceptible to inflammation and damage.

Regenerative treatment stimulates healing of any injured discs with an injection of glucosamine, along with a dextrose solution in the middle of the disc. The natural substances increase the strength of painful discs and cause new collagen fibers to grow. Additionally, regenerative therapy allows for a more direct approach by administering the natural solutions right where they need to be.